July 15th Birthdays

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July 15th, 1992 (July 15 1992)BirthKoharu Kusumi, Japanese singer (Morning Musume)
July 15th, 1989 (July 15 1989)BirthTristan Wilds, American actor
July 15th, 1984 (July 15 1984)BirthVice Cooler, American musician
July 15th, 1983 (July 15 1983)BirthNelson Merlo, Brazilian racing driver
July 15th, 1980 (July 15 1980)BirthJonathan Cheechoo, professional ice hockey player
July 15th, 1980 (July 15 1980)BirthReggie Abercrombie, professional baseball player
July 15th, 1980 (July 15 1980)BirthJasper Paakkonen, Finnish actor and film producer
July 15th, 1979 (July 15 1979)BirthLaura Benanti, American musical theatre actress
July 15th, 1979 (July 15 1979)BirthAlexander Frei, Swiss footballer
July 15th, 1978 (July 15 1978)BirthMiguel Olivo, Dominican baseball player
July 15th, 1977 (July 15 1977)BirthRay Toro, American musician (My Chemical Romance)
July 15th, 1977 (July 15 1977)BirthKitana Baker, American model (Miller Light Catfight commercial)
July 15th, 1977 (July 15 1977)BirthFaraz Anwar, Pakistani guitarist (Mizraab)
July 15th, 1977 (July 15 1977)BirthLana Parrilla, American actress
July 15th, 1977 (July 15 1977)BirthAndre Nel, South African Cricketer
July 15th, 1976 (July 15 1976)BirthJim Jones, African Puerto Rican American rapperJim Jones Quotes
July 15th, 1976 (July 15 1976)BirthDiane Kruger, German actress and former fashion model
July 15th, 1975 (July 15 1975)BirthKara Drew, An American professional wrestler better known as Cherry
July 15th, 1975 (July 15 1975)BirthBen Pepper, Australian basketball player
July 15th, 1974 (July 15 1974)BirthChot Ulep, Filipino musician
July 15th, 1973 (July 15 1973)BirthJohn Dolmayan, Lebanese-born drummer (System of a Down)John Dolmayan Quotes
July 15th, 1973 (July 15 1973)BirthBrian Austin Green, American actor
July 15th, 1973 (July 15 1973)BirthChris Taylor, Australian comedian, member of The Chaser
July 15th, 1972 (July 15 1972)BirthMichael Barnett, UK musician / producer
July 15th, 1972 (July 15 1972)BirthScott Foley, American actor
July 15th, 1972 (July 15 1972)BirthBeth Ostrosky, American model
July 15th, 1971 (July 15 1971)BirthDanijela, Croatian singer
July 15th, 1970 (July 15 1970)BirthChi Cheng, American musician (Deftones)
July 15th, 1968 (July 15 1968)BirthEddie Griffin, American comedian
July 15th, 1968 (July 15 1968)BirthStan Kirsch, American actor
July 15th, 1967 (July 15 1967)BirthAdam Savage, American actor
July 15th, 1966 (July 15 1966)BirthJason Bonham, English drummer; son of John Bonham
July 15th, 1966 (July 15 1966)BirthIrene Jacob, French-born Swiss actress
July 15th, 1965 (July 15 1965)BirthDavid Miliband, British politician
July 15th, 1963 (July 15 1963)BirthSteve Thomas, Canadian ice hockey player
July 15th, 1963 (July 15 1963)BirthBrigitte Nielsen, Danish-born actress
July 15th, 1962 (July 15 1962)BirthSteve Brown, American darts player
July 15th, 1961 (July 15 1961)BirthLolita Davidovich, Canadian-born actress
July 15th, 1961 (July 15 1961)BirthJean-Christophe Grange, French writer and screenwriter
July 15th, 1961 (July 15 1961)BirthScott Ritter, UN weapons inspector in IraqScott Ritter Quotes
July 15th, 1961 (July 15 1961)BirthForest Whitaker, American actor
July 15th, 1960 (July 15 1960)BirthKim Alexis, American supermodel and actress
July 15th, 1960 (July 15 1960)BirthWillie Aames, American actor
July 15th, 1959 (July 15 1959)BirthVincent Lindon, French actor
July 15th, 1959 (July 15 1959)BirthShep Pettibone, American record producer
July 15th, 1958 (July 15 1958)BirthGary Heale, former professional English soccer player
July 15th, 1958 (July 15 1958)BirthMac Thornberry, American politician
July 15th, 1956 (July 15 1956)BirthIan Curtis, British musician (died in 1980)
July 15th, 1956 (July 15 1956)BirthBarry Melrose, Canadian hockey player, coach, and commentator
July 15th, 1956 (July 15 1956)BirthMarky Ramone, American musician (Ramones)
July 15th, 1956 (July 15 1956)BirthJoe Satriani, American guitaristJoe Satriani Quotes
July 15th, 1956 (July 15 1956)BirthWayne Taylor, South African race car driver
July 15th, 1954 (July 15 1954)BirthMario Kempes, Argentine football player
July 15th, 1953 (July 15 1953)BirthJean-Bertrand Aristide, former President of Haiti
July 15th, 1953 (July 15 1953)BirthJohn Denham, British politicianJohn Denham Quotes
July 15th, 1952 (July 15 1952)BirthJohnny Thunders, American musician (died in 1991)Johnny Thunders Quotes
July 15th, 1952 (July 15 1952)BirthTerry O Quinn, American actor
July 15th, 1952 (July 15 1952)BirthJudy McGrath, American television executive
July 15th, 1951 (July 15 1951)BirthJesse Ventura, professional wrestler and former Governor of MinnesotaJesse Ventura Quotes
July 15th, 1950 (July 15 1950)BirthArianna Huffington, Greek-born newspaper columnistArianna Huffington Quotes
July 15th, 1949 (July 15 1949)BirthCarl Bildt, Swedish politician
July 15th, 1949 (July 15 1949)BirthTrevor Horn, British music producer
July 15th, 1948 (July 15 1948)BirthAlicia Bridges, American singer
July 15th, 1948 (July 15 1948)BirthArtimus Pyle, American drummer (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
July 15th, 1947 (July 15 1947)BirthPeter Banks, British guitarist (Yes)
July 15th, 1946 (July 15 1946)BirthLinda Ronstadt, American singer
July 15th, 1946 (July 15 1946)BirthHassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei
July 15th, 1945 (July 15 1945)BirthJurgen Mollemann, German politician (died in 2003)
July 15th, 1944 (July 15 1944)BirthMillie Jackson, American singer
July 15th, 1944 (July 15 1944)BirthJan-Michael Vincent, American actor
July 15th, 1943 (July 15 1943)BirthJocelyn Bell Burnell, Irish astrophysicist
July 15th, 1942 (July 15 1942)BirthMil Mascaras, Mexican professional wrestler
July 15th, 1941 (July 15 1941)BirthDenis Heroux, French Canadian film director and producer
July 15th, 1939 (July 15 1939)BirthAnibal Cavaco Silva, President of Portugal and former Prime Minister
July 15th, 1939 (July 15 1939)BirthPatrick Wayne, American actor
July 15th, 1938 (July 15 1938)BirthErnie Barnes, American artist and football player
July 15th, 1935 (July 15 1935)BirthDonn Clendenon, baseball player (died in 2005)
July 15th, 1935 (July 15 1935)BirthKen Kercheval, American actor
July 15th, 1935 (July 15 1935)BirthAlex Karras, American football player and actor
July 15th, 1934 (July 15 1934)BirthHarrison Birtwistle, English composer
July 15th, 1934 (July 15 1934)BirthRisto Jarva, Finnish filmmaker (died in 1977)
July 15th, 1933 (July 15 1933)BirthJulian Bream, English guitarist and lutenist Julian Quotes
July 15th, 1933 (July 15 1933)BirthGuido Crepax, Italian comics artist (died in 2003)
July 15th, 1932 (July 15 1932)BirthEd Litzenberger, Canadian ice hockey player
July 15th, 1931 (July 15 1931)BirthClive Cussler, American author
July 15th, 1930 (July 15 1930)BirthJacques Derrida, French philosopher (died in 2004)Jacques Derrida Quotes
July 15th, 1930 (July 15 1930)BirthStephen Smale, American mathematician
July 15th, 1930 (July 15 1930)BirthRichard Garneau, French Canadian sports journalist
July 15th, 1929 (July 15 1929)BirthCharles Anthony, American tenor
July 15th, 1928 (July 15 1928)BirthCarl Woese, American microbiologist
July 15th, 1926 (July 15 1926)BirthDriss Chraibi, Moroccan author
July 15th, 1926 (July 15 1926)BirthLeopoldo Galtieri, Argentine dictator (died in 2003)Leopoldo Galtieri Quotes
July 15th, 1925 (July 15 1925)BirthPhilip Carey, American actor
July 15th, 1922 (July 15 1922)BirthLeon M. Lederman, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
July 15th, 1921 (July 15 1921)BirthRobert Bruce Merrifield, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
July 15th, 1921 (July 15 1921)BirthHenri Colpi, French film director (died in 2006)
July 15th, 1919 (July 15 1919)BirthIris Murdoch, Irish writer (died in 1999)
July 15th, 1918 (July 15 1918)BirthBertram N. Brockhouse, Canadian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 2003)
July 15th, 1914 (July 15 1914)BirthAkhtar Hameed Khan, pioneer of Microcredit in developing countries (died in 1999)
July 15th, 1914 (July 15 1914)BirthHammond Innes, English writer (died in 1998)
July 15th, 1914 (July 15 1914)BirthHoward Vernon, Swiss actor (died in 1996)
July 15th, 1913 (July 15 1913)BirthCowboy Copas, American country singer (died in 1963)
July 15th, 1913 (July 15 1913)BirthDorothy Schwartz, American violinist (died in 2007)
July 15th, 1913 (July 15 1913)BirthAbraham Sutzkever, Yiddish language poet and memoirist. Abraham Quotes
July 15th, 1911 (July 15 1911)BirthEdward Shackleton, English explorer (died in 1994)
July 15th, 1906 (July 15 1906)BirthRudolf "Rudi" Uhlenhaut, German automotive engineer and test driver (Mercedes Benz) (died in 1989)
July 15th, 1905 (July 15 1905)BirthDorothy Fields, American librettist and lyricist (died in 1974)
July 15th, 1904 (July 15 1904)BirthRudolf Arnheim, German-born author (died in 2007)
July 15th, 1903 (July 15 1903)BirthKumaraswami Kamaraj, Indian politician (died in 1975)
July 15th, 1902 (July 15 1902)BirthJean Rey, Belgian politician and President of the European Commission {died in 1983)
July 15th, 1899 (July 15 1899)BirthSean Lemass, Irish leader (died in 1971)
July 15th, 1894 (July 15 1894)BirthTadeusz Sendzimir, Polish-American engineer and inventor (died in 1989)
July 15th, 1892 (July 15 1892)BirthWalter Benjamin, German literary critic and writer (died in 1940)Walter Benjamin Quotes
July 15th, 1871 (July 15 1871)BirthKunikida Doppo, Japanese writer (died in 1908)
July 15th, 1870 (July 15 1870)BirthVladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov, Russian publisher and politician (died in 1922)Vladimir Nabokov Quotes
July 15th, 1865 (July 15 1865)BirthWilhelm Wirtinger, Austrian mathematician (died in 1945)
July 15th, 1864 (July 15 1864)BirthMarie Tempest, English singer and actress (died in 1942)
July 15th, 1851 (July 15 1851)BirthEduardo Gutierrez, Argentinian author (died in 1889)
July 15th, 1850 (July 15 1850)BirthMother Cabrini, Italian-born Catholic saint (died in 1917)
July 15th, 1848 (July 15 1848)BirthVilfredo Pareto, Italian economist and sociologist (died in 1923)
July 15th, 1837 (July 15 1837)BirthStephanie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, queen of Portugal (died in 1859)
July 15th, 1812 (July 15 1812)BirthJames Hope-Scott, English barrister (died in 1873)
July 15th, 1808 (July 15 1808)BirthHenry Edward Cardinal Manning, English Catholic archbishop (died in 1892)
July 15th, 1796 (July 15 1796)BirthThomas Bulfinch, American mythologist (died in 1867)
July 15th, 1779 (July 15 1779)BirthClement Clarke Moore, American educator, author, and poet (died in 1863)Clement Clarke Moore Quotes
July 15th, 1737 (July 15 1737)BirthPrincess Louise-Marie of France, daughter of king Louis XV (died in 1787)
July 15th, 1704 (July 15 1704)BirthAugust Gottlieb Spangenberg, German religious leader (died in 1792)
July 15th, 1631 (July 15 1631)BirthJens Juel, Danish diplomat (died in 1700)
July 15th, 1606 (July 15 1606)BirthRembrandt, Dutch artist (died in 1669)
July 15th, 1573 (July 15 1573)BirthInigo Jones, English architect (died in 1652)
July 15th, 1553 (July 15 1553)BirthArchduke Ernest of Austria (died in 1595)
July 15th, 1471 (July 15 1471)BirthEskender, Emperor of Ethiopia (died in 1494)
July 15th, 1458 (July 15 1458)BirthJuan Ponce de Leon, Spanish Explorer (died in 1521)
July 15th, 1353 (July 15 1353)BirthVladimir the Bold, Russian prince (died in 1410)
July 15th, 1273 (July 15 1273)BirthEwostatewos, Ethiopian monk and religious leader (died in 1352)

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